Nurses Clinics

The Nurses Clinics offer medical services provided by a nurse rather than a medical doctor.  The Nurses Clinics are offered by the Family Health Team and include the following medical services:

• B12 shots
• Flu shots
• Ear syringing
• Stitch & staple removal
• Allergy injections
• Depo Provera injections
• Prolia injections
• Urine testing
• Blood pressure checks

• Tetanus injections
• Zostavax injections
• TB skin tests & reading
• Dressings
• FOBT kits
• Smoking cessation counselling
• Certain lab requisitions
• Information gathering prior to first appointment with physician

You must pre-book your appointment with the nurse for medical services.


To Book Your Appointment With a Nurse

You can call the receptionists to book your appointment at (519) 582-2323 ext. 223.

Nursing Clinic dates and times will be available from:
• The receptionists and nursing staff
• By calling our DFHT nursing information line at (519) 582-2323 ext. 451
• On our website – dates of upcoming clinics are listed below

Scheduled Nurses Clinics

Click here for upcoming clinics